DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging

I love all those macrame waving popping up here and there. While I am not that super expert in waving, I decided to make my own simple version. In my new home ( as I mentioned in this post that we just shifted), we have a small blank wall. It needed some art or decor piece to be hanged. It didn't need to be a statement piece, as this wall some times is covered by the door.

Supplies you will need:
- Yarn in two colors
- Reed diffuser stick
- fork
- scissors

I  used the orange color yarn as my base and white one to make pom poms. I started wrapping the orange yarn over a book to get them of same length. I used almost full roll of orange yarn just leaving length of yarn for hanging.

Then I cut them and started knotting them around the reed. Just leave some space at the end to tie yarn for hanging.

After finishing knotting, tie long piece of yarn to hang at the end of the stick. Now its time to make pom poms. For this wall hanging, I needed to make small size pom poms, so I used this method to make them. After finishing, tie the pom poms around the orange yarn like in the photo below.

When you finish with all the pom poms, you are only left with adding it to the wall. Go ahead, do it!
After hanging on the wall, if you need to level the orange yarn, level out them with scissors.

I like how it adds interest to that blank wall and also doesn't take lot of attention from any other decor pieces from our living room. If you have any space that needs little tweak, then this DIY is perfect. If you try this one, then let me know in comments or on Instagram. - Ambika.

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