DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging

I love all those macrame waving popping up here and there. While I am not that super expert in waving, I decided to make my own simple version. In my new home ( as I mentioned in this post that we just shifted), we have a small blank wall. It needed some art or decor piece to be hanged. It didn't need to be a statement piece, as this wall some times is covered by the door.

Easy DIY Flower Vase as Bookend

Let's be honest! If you have to buy a nice bookend online or in stores, they cost you a lot. I searched on the internet and my dear friend Pinterest, high and low, but ideas out there either cost a bit high than my budget or they are time consuming. This idea came to my mind when we were thinking to add flowers to our living room, why not DIY it - flower vase as bookend.